Standard Go Project Layout that you can find by googling what to do with the folder structure of the project in Go. However, this can add a lot of code, so it’s a good idea to consider the disadvantages of deploying it.

In particular, programmers have the characteristic that they…

Batch data inserts and complex queries tend to be major performance issues in databases. However, this time, the latter is set aside, and the former data acquisition is dealt with. Recently, I think that speeding up data insertion is a little important. …

The Platform Business Headquarters provides common API and GUI parts that support each DMM business. The Infrastructure Development Group is developing the infrastructure. Nowadays, we are especially working on improving API quality and automating operations.

Now, more than a year has passed since the second generation API-Gateway (Gen2-GW) of DMM…

Minor changes to the library in encoding/csv

In Go 1.17 Release Notes, along with encoding / xml and encoding/binary, encoding / CSV has also been slightly modified.

The new Reader.FieldPos method returns the line and column corresponding to the start of a given field in the record most recently returned by Read. The
FieldPost method has been added…

There is such a description in the release notes of Go 1.17.

Added a new testing flag -shuffle which controls the execution order of tests and benchmarks.

The new T.Setenv and B.Setenv methods support setting an environment variable for the duration of the test or benchmark.

Added a new…

Summary of changes

  • go getOutputs a warning when installing a command from outside the module
  • go get the -insecureflag is no longer used, the environment variable GOINSECURE is used instead

go get — Outputs a warning when installing a command from outside the module

go get Warning of time

Release Notes Go1.16 even, in the installation of the command go get says it’s deprecated but still, you can use it although there…

Go 1.17 sync / atomic package updates

sync/atomicThe atomic.Valuefollowing methods have been added to the package .

  • Compare AndS wap
  • Swap

Even before Go 1.16, Compare And Swap (hereinafter referred to as CAS) and Swap functions were provided as int and uint 32, 64 type and Pointer type functions. With this change atomic.Value, CAS is now available.

About CAS

When an ARM Mac comes out, it has been a long time since it was announced at WWDC, and at the same time as the announcement, I bought a MacBook Pro and installed various applications to see if the application is ARM natively supported and tried it. .. It’s been…

I heard the footsteps of the Go 1.17 release. There is no big new function like go: embed of 1.16 that makes a “wow” voice, and it seems that there are many small APIs added, such as APIs that are improved without change. It was said that generics is 1.17…

I had the opportunity to launch a new microservice and based on a clean architecture. Clean architecture is used in many places such as backends, frontends, and apps. However, there is no definite method, and I think everyone is doing trial and error. …

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